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Loading spout dustless

Loading Spouts: Why You Should Be Using Them

A loading spout attached to the bottom of a silo or hopper, or located at the end of an air conveying system, is used for distributing dry bulk materials in open trucks, stockpiles, railcars, tank vehicles, barges and ships. It is used mostly in grain elevators, ship ports and cement plants conveying dry bulk material. […]

Costs Slide Gate Valve Pneumatic Conveyin

How Much Does A Slide Gate Cost?

How Much Does a Slide Gate Valve Cost for a Pneumatic Conveying System? There are several key factors that influence the price of a slide gate when utilized in a pneumatic conveying system.  Here are five that definitely need to be taken into consideration: 1. Material characteristics 2. Contact surface 3. Operating environment 4. Actuation […]


The Orifice Gate Advantage

  THE VORTEX ORIFICE SLIDE GATE ADVANTAGE One fundamental difference when comparing the Vortex Quantum Series Orifice Slide Gate to other valves such as a butterfly valve or a bull nose knife gate is the Vortex Orifice Gate is designed specifically to handle dry material while the other valves are not. Butterfly valves and bull […]


Quantum Orifice Gate vs. Butterfly Valve vs. Bull Nose Knife Gate

Question:  Vortex has been manufacturing innovative valve designs for over thirty years.  How does the company maintain its leading edge over the competition? Answer:  Since the company’s inception, in 1977, product development has stemmed from a problem solving approach. Our willingness to take on tough applications and engineer valves specifically to meet the challenges associated […]


Handling Frac Sand and Other Abrasive Materials

Question: We are conveying foundry sand, and our diverter valves wear out too frequently. What qualities should we look for when we replace these valves? Answer: Kevin Peterson, Regional Director of Business Development of Vortex Valves, says: A wide range of diverter valves is available for handling abrasive materials such as sand. It’s important that all […]