Engineered Solutions for handling dry bulk have always been a part of Vortex. Our Application Engineers listen to the customer’s needs and match the right valve to material characteristics and application parameters. Because the combinations are nearly endless, a commodity valve or off the shelf valve will not be enough.

Our standard product lines mixed with available modifications, Vortex offers well over 800 million variations of slide gates and diverter valves. There are times we can take one of our standard valves and make some minor modifications to fit the application. There are also times when the only thing left standard on the valve is the black and silver Vortex sticker. We rarely decline a customer’s challenge when it comes to handling a dry bulk material. There have even been the occasional situations where the word “dry” was used very loosely. Never the less, the same level of customer service and warranty apply to our engineered solutions as with our Quantum and Titan series valves.