Diverter Valve Handling Zinc Oxide


Customer:  (Cannot be disclosed)

Material:  Zinc Oxide

Application:  Valve between produce receiver and rotary valve

Challenge:  Operate two bulk bags simultaneously

Valves: Vortex Gravity Vee Diverters |  Model: VA18-2CSS-60-NR-MG-WS1

Results: The customer involved in this application manufactures zinc oxide from zinc metals. Zinc oxide is used in a number of industries: paints, coatings, chemical, mining and oil. The largest demand for this product is in the rubber industry where it is used as a catalyst or accelerator for rubber compounds.

An equipment company was consulting with this customer on a new plant expansion. A rotary valve would be installed beneath each of two product receivers to distribute material to a bulk bagger. The salesman introduced the idea of installing Vortex Gravity Vee Diverter valves directly under each rotary valve. The design of the Gravity Vee (with its independent controls) would allow the company to operate two bulk bag loaders from each receiver instead of just one.

Two VA18-2CSS-60-NR-MG-WS1 Gravity Vee Diverters were quoted and ordered. The dust-tight sealing capabilities and maintenance friendly features of the Gravity Vee were also a factor in their purchase.

This simple suggestion on the part of the salesman made a huge difference in the capacity and efficiency for the new expansion.

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